Commercial & Ag Rebates

Commercial & Ag Rebates

Lighting Rebates are available for retrofit applications only. Retrofit systems must result in a net load reduction in kW from that of the existing lighting system. Retrofit rebate applies to indoor programs only, rebates will not be given for outdoor lighting. Rebates will be given directly to the members and will not be given to lighting suppliers or contractors. The minimum rebate application is $50 and the maximum rebate amount is $1,000 per customer per calendar year and is Ed the Energy Expert - lightinglimited to up to 50% of the project costs. Annual funds are limited. Rebate programs, qualifications, and amount are subject to change at any time. The member is responsible for checking with Renville-Sibley Cooperative to determine whether the program is still in effect. See Rebate Applications for additional information and qualification guidelines.

When installing or replacing an electric motor, Look for and specify NEMA Premium® to optimize motor systems efficiency, reduce electrical power consumption and costs, and improve system reliability. This rebate is limited to $2,000 per member per calendar year.

Rebates are also available for the installation of a heat pump in commercial and agricultural facilities. Rebate amount cannot exceed the price of the equipment. 


Rebate form are below.

Retrofit Lighting Rebate

Ag & Commercial Heat Pump Rebate